Bahiya Villas


Bahiya Villas

3 Bedroom villa in Aed 999,999*

Bahiya Sunny 3 bedroom Villa Akoya Oxygen

There are few things more beautiful than watching your dreams turn into reality.
And now your new dreams can find their home at Bahya – a collection of luxury
villas in one of Dubai’s most esteemed golf communities, AKOYA Oxygen. This is
where precious memories will be made and cherished for years to come.

Bahiya Villas Akoya Oxygen

These family homes provide the right balance between togetherness and individual space.
The living areas encourage interaction between family members, while the rooms
provide a peaceful and private space for creativity and relaxation.

Akoya Oxygen Bahiya Villas

Here’s the perfect start to your life together as newlyweds – with ideal space for your little
family, incredible views and a private garden.
Along with the master bedroom, the second room can be converted into a nursery and the
third can be kept as a guest room for when friends and family visit.

تقريبا فلل دبي

Akoya Bahya Location

Akoya Oxygen Location Bahiya and Hajar villas

Bahya Villa  Floor plan

Project Details:

 Project Name  Cluster     Villa Type  Bedroom Type            Price 
BAHIYAAvencia 2RR-MThree Bedroom         On Request
BAHIYAAvencia 2R4-A-MFour Bedroom         On Request
HAJAR VILLASVictoriaRN-MThree Bedroom         On Request
HAJAR VILLASVictoriaR4-MFour Bedroom         On Request
Payment Plan And prices 
Within 180 Days of Sale Date5
Within 300 days of Sale Date5
Within 540 days of Sale Date10
Within 720 days of Sale Date10
Within 900 days of Sale Date10
Within 1080 days of Sale Date10
Within 1260 days of Sale Date10
Within 1440 days of Sale Date10
On Completion10

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