Hajar 2 Stone Villas

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Hajar Villas combine historical artistry with modernday form. With the strength, durability and beauty of stone, these beautiful homes are more than meets the eye. Naturally warmer in winter and cooler in summer, they are practical, energy-efficient and ultimately kinder to their environment as well.

akoya stone villa
Project Brief:

Master-plan: Akoya Oxygen
 Cluster: Victoria
Expected Completion Date: Dec 2021

Akoya Hajr Villa

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The perfect home that truly makes the most of its environment, this one-bedroom duplex has an open-plan entertainment area on the ground floor that integrates the indoors with the outdoors. Upstairs you’ll find the plush living quarters with raised views of the neighbourhood.

hajr stone villa dubai

فرصتك لامتلاك فيلا حجرية في دبي منازل من 4 غرف وفترة سداد على ٥ سنوات سج

Akoya Oxygen Stone Villas

Akoya Hajr Villa Location

Akoya Mod Location Map

Akoya Oxygen Stone Villa Floor Plan

فلل بدبي للبيع
Project Name  Cluster     Villa Type  Bedroom Type         Prices 
BAHIYAAvencia 2RR-MThree Bedroom         On Request
BAHIYAAvencia 2R4-A-MFour Bedroom         On Request
HAJAR VILLASVictoriaRN-MThree Bedroom         On Request
HAJAR VILLASVictoriaR4-MFour Bedroom         On Request

4 types of units within the cluster:
-3 bedroom townhouse
-4 bedroom townhouse
-1 bedroom townhouse but with an indoor Jacuzzi
-1 bedroom and 1 living room on each floor with separate access to each floor

Total Area: 1,800sq.ft. average
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Damac Stone Villa Payment plan & Prices
1st Installment0
2nd InstallmentWithin 180 Days of Sale Date5
3rd InstallmentWithin 300 days of Sale Date5
4th InstallmentWithin 540 days of Sale Date10
5th InstallmentWithin 720 days of Sale Date10
6th InstallmentWithin 900 days of Sale Date10
7th InstallmentWithin 1080 days of Sale Date10
8th InstallmentWithin 1260 days of Sale Date10
9th InstallmentWithin 1440 days of Sale Date10
10th InstallmentOn Completion10
Project in Victoria Cluster Akoya Oxygen .
victoria cluster akoya oxygen dubai