Akoya Manarola

Akoya Manarola

Direct Golf Views from AED2.3 million | Launch on 29 Nov

Located within AKOYA Oxygen, you’ll find a picturesque community of pretty, colourful homes. Inspired by a charming village named Manarola
on the Italian Riviera, this vibrant community is where creative and passionate individuals find inspiration in the very place they call home.

Akoya oxygen Manarola

Akoya Oxygen Manarola

Each villa gives you the opportunity to enjoy both the indoors and outdoors. With separate kitchen and living areas, you have freedom and
mobility inside while the private front and back yards allow you to take in the natural surroundings outside.

Akoya Manarola

أكويا مانارولا فلل

Akoya Manarola Location

Akoya Oxygen Location Map

Location Map

Akoya Manarola Floor Plan

akoya-manarola-th-15 floor plan

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akoya manarolamaster plan