Akoya Kenda Villas

Akoya Kenda Premium Stone Villas

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Kenda Villas in Akoya Oxygen

Kenda Villas combine an ancient material used throughout history, with artistic modern-day form. Not only strong, durable and beautiful, the stone build means these characterful homes are naturally warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Good looks are one thing but Kenda Villas are practical, energy-efficient and ultimately kinder to their environment as well.

Set in their own private enclave of the international golf community, AKOYA Oxygen , Kenda Villas are available in various sizes and
arrangements to cater to a broad spectrum of investors – from newly
married couples to large families.

Kenda Villas have access to the many amenities on offer at AKOYA Oxygen. With nature-inspired facilities, gourmet fare, retail boutiques, its own rainforest, an international golf club, and more, AKOYA Oxygen is a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

About Damac Kenda Villas :
  • Kenda Villas are within the Victoria Cluster in Akoya Oxygen
  • Anticipated completion date is December 2021

أكويا كيندا فلل

Kenda stone villas in akoya oxygen

Akoya Oxygen Kenda Villas Location

Akoya Oxygen Location Bahiya and Hajar villas

Victoria Cluster in Akoya Oxygen

Victoria Cluster Akoya Oxygen

Akoya Oxygen Master Plan

Victoria Cluster in Akoya Oxygen

  • Villa types as follows:
Type         Bedroom Type Ground Floor First Floor Balcony/Terrace Covered Garage Total Area
RN-EE 3 485 606 434 218 1,743
RN-EM 3 485 606 434 218 1,743
RN-M 3 475 597 424 211 1,707
R4-EE 4 470 592 518 241 1,821
R4-EM 4 470 592 518 241 1,821
R4-M 4 460 583 506 234 1,783